Special Education Process: Step 3-Eligibility

With school starting back up, I have seen an increase in posts on various support group pages from parents who state that their child’s school district did not find their child with X disability to be eligible for special education services. Many times there are several responses such as if your child has a disability they automatically qualify for special education services.  A school district cannot deny your child special education services.  Continue reading

Prior Written Notice: Sample Letter

writingPrior Written Notice is another right of parents under the procedural safeguard section of IDEA.  As I have previously written about Prior Written Notice, today’s post will contain a sample letter to write to the school asking that they provide you with Prior Written Notice.

In Texas, the procedural safeguards notice states that the school should provide parents with Prior Written Notice at least 5 days in advance of the action the school district is proposing to take regarding your child’s special education services.

This post is intended to give you a general idea of the law.  However, each situation is different.  If you need more specific information about how the law applies to your situation you should contact a special education attorney.