Homework Log: A Tool to Help Prepare for School Meetings

Homwork Pic

One way you as a parent can monitor and communicate with your child’s school about the progress your child is making is to keep a Homework Log.  This log should contain the name of the assignment, how long it took them to complete the assignment, accommodations used, the level of parental support and a spot for notes and observations.  You can even add columns for the date the assignment was due, turned in, and the grade.

When filled out on a consistent basis this log can provide valuable information to your child’s team when it comes time to making changes to their accommodations.  This log will show the team if your child is taking longer than expected to complete assignments, how much help they are receiving from you, and if the accommodations are working successfully or not.  Changes to your child’s current accommodations or new accommodations can be made based off this log.

If you are trying a new accommodation at night and your child has been successful using it, this log can help show the school that the accommodation is working and should be implemented in the classroom as well.

More Tools to Help Prepare for School Meetings:

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